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2011-12 Executive Budget

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2011-12 Executive Budget Legislation

The Executive Budget Bill copy can be found on the Legislative Session Information PageExternal Link (opens in new browser window). To find a particular Bill on that page, enter the Bill Number (e.g., S2800 or A4000 for the Senate or Assembly versions, respectively, of the State Operations Appropriation Bill) in the search field and hit Submit.

2011-12 Appropriation Bills

2010-11 Deficiency Bills

2011-12 Article VII Bills

The Bill Number links below are to pages on the Legislative Session Information site. When the Bill information loads, select “Text” and click the Search button to see the full Bill copy. In some cases, the Bill copy is only included with the Assembly version.

  • Education, Labor and Family Assistance (ELFA) Bill (S2808/A4008) External Link
  • Health and Mental Hygiene (HMH) Bill (S2809/A4009) External Link
  • Public Protection and General Government (PPGG) Bill (S2807/A4007) External Link
  • Transportation, Economic Development and Environmental Conservation (TED) Bill (S2810/A4010) External Link
  • Revenue (REV) Bill (S2811/A4011) External Link
  • Merge State Entities Bill (S2812/A4012) External Link

Freestanding Article VII’s

Memoranda in Support

Article VII

Freestanding Article VII’s

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