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Agency Mission

The core mission of the Division of the Budget (DOB), New York State’s executive branch fiscal control agency, is to promote the best use of State resources for all New Yorkers, to ensure the financial integrity of the State, and to advise the governor in matters that affect the financial health of the state. The DOB formulates the governor’s Executive Budget, offers policy recommendations on fiscal issues, and oversees the implementation of the final Enacted Budget. 

Under the State Constitution, the governor is also responsible for: developing a revenue and expenditure plan for the state, which the Division of the Budget prepares for the governor; and developing a balanced budget to submit to the legislature along with appropriation bills necessary to execute the budget. Additionally, the governor is charged with managing the budget throughout the fiscal year. 

Additionally, DOB coordinates agency budget requests with state agencies to facilitate the development and execution of their policy programs, ensuring the Division is involved in every facet of New York State’s government.

Visit the “Division of the Budget History” page to learn more about the DOB’s origins.

Executive Team

The executive team of the Division of the Budget is responsible for promoting a culture of accountability, performance and innovation within the Division and across the executive branch.  The executives lead the approximately 290 employees of the DOB to facilitate the executive branch’s responsibilities in the annual state budget process.  These critical responsibilities include: developing a more-than-$200 billion Executive Budget to cover New York State agencies, offices, funds and public authorities, and more than 106,000 state employees under direct executive branch control; negotiating and achieving an Enacted Budget with the legislature each year; and facilitating the execution of state agency budgets throughout the year.

Director Robert F. Mujica

Robert F. Mujica, Jr.
Budget Director

Robert F. Mujica, Jr. became the 34th Budget Director of the State of New York on January 14, 2016. As Budget Director, Mr. Mujica oversees the overall development and management of the State’s fiscal policy, including the preparation of budget recommendations for all State agencies and programs, economic and revenue forecasting, tax policy, fiscal planning, capital financing and management of the State’s debt portfolio. 

Prior to his appointment, Mr. Mujica was Chief of Staff to the Temporary President and Majority Leader of the New York State Senate and concurrently served as the Secretary to the Senate Finance Committee. As the New York State Senate’s chief fiscal advisor, he was the lead negotiator responsible for all state budget and policy negotiations on behalf of the Senate leadership. For more than two decades, Mr. Mujica advised various elected and other government officials in New York on State budget, fiscal and policy issues. 

Mr. Mujica was appointed to the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York in 2016. Mr. Mujica is Vice Chair of the Board’s Committee on Audit and Committee on Fiscal Affairs. 

In 2019, Mr. Mujica was appointed to Board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. 

Mr. Mujica is also chair of the Public Authorities Control Board and the NYS Higher Education Capital Matching Grant Program; a board member of the NYS Design and Construction Corporation; the Governor’s Designee of the NYS Financial Control Board; and ex officio member or chair of more than 25 other boards or committees including the Financial Restructuring Board for Local Governments, the New York Local Government Assistance Corporation and the Smart Schools Review Board.

Mr. Mujica earned his bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Brooklyn College at the City University of New York, a master’s degree in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and his Juris Doctorate from Albany Law School.

Sandra L. Beattie, First Deputy Director

Sandra L. Beattie
First Deputy Budget Director

Sandra Beattie is First Deputy Budget Director at the New York State Division of the Budget (the Division), joining the Division in 2019 from the federal government.  Ms. Beattie partners with the Budget Director in overall agency leadership and working across New York State government in the formulation and execution of the State’s $200 billion plus budget.  

She joined the Division from the United States Government Accountability Office in Washington, where she was responsible for multi-state and national analysis of a broad range of key fiscal and policy issues including grant program consolidation, affordable housing, Medicaid expansion, and establishment of health exchanges, among others. Previously, she also worked for Deloitte Consulting, and she started her career with the Division in the Public Protection Unit working in Albany and as the Division’s Washington, DC–based representative in the New York State Office of Federal Affairs.

For over two decades of delivering measurable results across the federal and state government, Ms. Beattie is a luminary in the public sector budget and performance management, digital transformation, crisis management, and working across all government domains (e.g., Health, Medicaid, Technology, Transportation, and more).  In addition, from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Beattie played a central role in New York State’s response, including the procurement of personal protective equipment, the fight for federal funding, and delivering new technology to support the vaccination and program and to launch the Excelsior Pass, a digital proof of vaccination.

Ms. Beattie earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from Emmanuel College in Boston and her master’s degree in business administration from the State University of New York at Albany.

Charlie Williams, Deputy Director

Charlie Williams
Deputy Budget Director

Charlie Williams is Deputy Budget Director at the New York State Division of the Budget, joining the Division in 2019 from the private sector.  Mr. Williams manages approximately 125 State agency, office and public authority budgets, reflecting $120 billion in All-Funds appropriations, two-thirds of state funds spending, and nearly 90 percent of the State workforce.  His major policy areas include: Education and the Arts; Economic Development, Energy, Environment, Agriculture and Parks; Human Services and Housing; Mental Hygiene, People with Developmental Disabilities and Addiction Services and Supports; and Public Protection.

Mr. Williams’s more than 30-year career includes 15 years of private sector advocacy for telecommunications, higher education and biotechnology at all levels of government; and 18 years of public service in the New York State Executive, the Legislature and in local government. Mr. Williams manages broad policy and state finance issues that positively impact our citizens every day. Recent efforts include more than $10.5 billion in high-profile pandemic relief programs helping New Yorkers recover from COVID, including: rent, homeowner and utility relief; childcare assistance; small business support; and excluded worker funding.

Mr. Williams received his master’s degree in public administration from the Rockefeller College of the University at Albany. Charlie lives in Loudonville, NY with his wife, Margaret McGovern, who works in financial services. His daughter Carolyn works with the US State Department, the United Nations, The Carter Center for Peace and organizations worldwide on peace and conflict resolution; and son Braxton attends the La Salle Institute, enjoys math and plays hockey, baseball and golf.

Key Services and Programs

Open Budget
Visit the Open Budget web site to view and download State budget information in common open-data formats.

Citizen’s Guide
Visit the DOB’s Citizen’s Guide to learn more about the budget process, financial terminology, and state government structure.

Employment at DOB
Visit the DOB Employment page to learn about working at the Division, and current openings.

Press Releases
Visit the DOB Press Releases page to see press releases directly related to the Division or Division publications.

Freedom of Information Law
To learn about Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) and submit a request, visit the DOB’s FOIL web page.

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