Credit Ratings

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The following table provides the State’s current credit ratings on all its State-related bond-financed programs.

Current Credit Ratings on New York State Debt
  Standard & Poor’s Fitch Moody’s1
Personal Income Tax Bonds (PIT) AA+ AA+ Aa1
Sales Tax Revenue Bonds AA+ AA+ Aa1
General Obligation (GO) AA+ AA+ Aa1
Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund AA+ AA+ NR
Department of Health AA AA NR
Municipal Bond Bank Agency (MBBA) Special Schools Revenue AA AA NR
Service Contract/Appropriation Credits2 AA AA NR
  1. “NR” – not rated.
  2. Includes programs that have been separately bond-financed-for in the past (i.e. CHIPs, SUNY Academic Facilities, etc.) and are now replaced by PIT financing.


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