2007-08 Executive Budget Agency Presentations by Section & Functional Area

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This page lists each functional area or section of the 2007-08 Executive Budget: Agency Presentations , published 01/31/2007. Each selection links to a PDF file. The 2007-08 Executive Budget: Agency Presentations is also offered by individual State Agency.  Disclaimer

PART I – The Budget by Functional Area  (PDF)

PART II – State Debt Service  (PDF)

PART III – Appropriations Requested by the Judiciary and the Legislature  (PDF)

PART IV – Summary of Appropriations  (PDF)

PART V – User’s Guide  (PDF)

Index  (PDF)

Key to Agency Abbreviations  (PDF)

NOTE: If you are unable to view the PDF document from the server, right click on the link, choose “Save Target As…” (IE), or “Save Link As…” (Netscape) to save the document to your hard drive. Open the local version in Acrobat Reader.