FY 2019 Enacted Budget

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FY 2019 Mid-Year Update

FY 2019 Financial Plan – First Quarterly Update

FY 2019 Enacted Budget Financial Plan

FY 2019 Enacted Budget Capital Program and Financing Plan

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Localities and School Districts

FY 2019 Enacted Budget Bills

These bills are found on the Legislative Information SiteLink to External Website. To view the text of a bill, enter the corresponding Bill Number listed below (e.g., S7500D for the Senate State Operations Appropriations bill, S7500-D), and the Session year (2018), select the “Text” checkbox at the top of the page and click the “Search” button.

FY 2019 Appropriation Bills

  • State Operations (S7500-D/A9500-D)
  • Legislature and Judiciary (S7501/A9501)
  • Debt Service (S7502/A9502)
  • Aid to Localities (S7503-D/A9503-D)
  • Capital Projects (S7504-D/A9504-D)

FY 2019 Article VII Bills

  • Education, Labor and Family Assistance (ELFA) (S7506-B/9506-B)
  • Health and Mental Hygiene (HMH) (S7507-C/A9507-C)
  • Public Protection and General Government (PPGG) (S7505-C/A9505-D)
  • Transportation, Economic Development and Environmental Conservation (TED) (S7508-C/A9508-C)
  • Revenue (S7509-C/A9509-C)