Special Pay Bill

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Budget Highlights

In the 2023 Legislative Session, three (3) Special Pay Bills were enacted to cover the personal service, fringe benefit, and non-personal service costs resulting from the ratification of collective bargaining agreements with two (2) state unions, and the extension of annual salary increases to Management / Confidential employees from FY 2024 through FY 2026. The total value of the Special Pay Bill appropriations is $814,576,983.

State agencies have drawn the requisite appropriation authority from the pay bills to cover the retroactive and current-year cost of the pay and fringe benefit increases, and the appropriation authority will continue to remain available for this purpose through March 31, 2024.

The three enacted pay bills include:

  • Chapter 189 of the Laws of 2023 for United University Professions employees.
  • Chapter 190 (Part A) of the Laws of 2023 for the Public Employee Federation employees.
  • Chapter 190 (Part B) of the Laws of 2023 for the Management / Confidential employees.

Category Available
FY 2024
FY 2025
Change From
FY 2024
FY 2025
State Operations 567,580,333 0 (567,580,333) 0
Total 567,580,333 0 (567,580,333) 0

Fund Type Available
FY 2024
FY 2025
General Fund 567,580,333 0 (567,580,333)
Total 567,580,333 0 (567,580,333)
Transfer(s) To
Adirondack Park Agency
General Fund 237,278
Aging, Office for the
General Fund 215,336
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 409,563
Agriculture and Markets, Department of
Enterprise Funds 96,157
Fiduciary 22,589
General Fund 2,209,955
Special Revenue Funds - Other 257,896
Children and Family Services, Office of
General Fund 7,621,199
Internal Service Funds 330,351
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 2,998,775
Special Revenue Funds - Other 294,782
Civil Service, Department of
General Fund 1,045,920
Internal Service Funds 849,184
Correction, Commission of
General Fund 211,574
Corrections and Community Supervision, Department of
General Fund 27,554,311
Internal Service Funds 362,254
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 54,106
Deferred Compensation Board
General Fund 2,247
Special Revenue Funds - Other 43,164
Department of Veterans' Services
General Fund 354,602
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 57,838
Economic Development, Department of
General Fund 658,918
Special Revenue Funds - Other 9,190
Education Department, State
General Fund 1,694,167
Internal Service Funds 1,079,619
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 9,576,760
Special Revenue Funds - Other 5,150,326
Employee Relations, Office of
General Fund 382,661
Internal Service Funds 54,541
Environmental Conservation, Department of
General Fund 13,426,747
Special Revenue Funds - Other 1,915,000
Financial Services, Department of
Special Revenue Funds - Other 5,093,400
General Services, Office of
Enterprise Funds 78,748
General Fund 1,967,214
Internal Service Funds 4,121,927
Special Revenue Funds - Other 123,619
Health, Department of
Special Revenue Funds - Other 943,000
Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Division of
Special Revenue Funds - Other 1,006,258
Indigent Legal Services, Office of
Special Revenue Funds - Other 355,463
Information Technology Services, Office of
General Fund 16,895,857
Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs
General Fund 2,525,631
Labor Management Committees
General Fund 350,599
Law, Department of
General Fund 3,090,830
Internal Service Funds 417,590
Special Revenue Funds - Other 1,434,310
Mental Health, Office of
General Fund 44,151,542
Internal Service Funds 8,320
Military and Naval Affairs, Division of
General Fund 279,287
Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Office of
General Fund 6,010,253
Prevention of Domestic Violence, Office for the
General Fund 120,021
Internal Service Funds 31,909
State Police, Division of
General Fund 1,942,769
Special Revenue Funds - Other 18,171
State University of New York
Special Revenue Funds - Other 52,238,000
State, Department of
General Fund 563,544
Special Revenue Funds - Other 626,155
Temporary and Disability Assistance, Office of
General Fund 4,837,253
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 7,874,931
Transportation, Department of
General Fund 4,769,000
Victim Services, Office of
Special Revenue Funds - Other 203,039
Workers' Compensation Board
Special Revenue Funds - Other 5,741,000
Appropriated FY 2024 814,576,983

Note: Most recent estimates as of 01/16/2024