Special Infrastructure Account, New York State

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Budget Highlights

The recommended reappropriation of $2.0 billion will continue to support the following initiatives:

Pennsylvania Station Area Civic and Land Use Improvement Project

The FY 2025 Executive Budget continues to support the Pennsylvania Station Area Civic and Land Use Improvement Project. The $1.3 billion reappropriation supports public transportation enhancements at Pennsylvania Station to create a double-height, light-filled train hall that more than doubles passenger space from 123,000 square feet to 250,000 square feet and nearly doubles the number of entrances from 12 to 20. The station reconstruction complements the station expansion that will increase track and train capacity by 40 percent to more effectively accommodate the service needs of travelers and commuters at the busiest transit hub in the Western Hemisphere. Project costs are estimated at $22 billion.

Broadband Initiative

Expands the availability and capacity of broadband across the State, and development of other telecommunication infrastructure. Also, expands the creation of highspeed networks and promotes broadband adoption.

Counter-Terrorism and Security Measures

Funds counter-terrorism efforts in New York City including increased security and anti-terror exercises at nine MTA-operated bridges and tunnels. Additionally, sustains the increased deployment of National Guard at transportation hubs.

Disaster Prevention and Response

Funding for preparedness and response efforts related to severe weather events, as well as efforts to prevent, prepare for, and respond to acts of terrorism, other public safety and health emergencies, and natural and man-made disasters.

Economic Development

Funding for the economic development strategy of creating jobs, strengthening and diversifying economies, and generating economic opportunities across the State, including investments in infrastructure.

Poverty Reduction Initiative

This program brings together State and local government, nonprofits, and community groups to design and implement coordinated solutions for addressing poverty.

Health Care/Hospitals

Provides grants to essential health care providers that facilitate mergers, consolidation, acquisition, or other significant corporate restructuring activities to create a financially sustainable system of care.

Homeless Housing

Provides housing opportunities for individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Infrastructure Improvements

Funding for infrastructure improvements to support transportation, upstate transit, rail, airport, port, and other projects.

Municipal Restructuring and Consolidation Competition

To initiate the reduction of costs through a competitive process administered by the DOS. It assists and encourages local governments and school districts to implement shared services, cooperation agreements, mergers, and other actions that permanently reduce operational costs and property tax burdens.

Penn Station Access

A new Metro-North link directly into Penn Station to provide enhanced system resiliency, improvement in regional mobility. Also provides funding to build four new Metro-North stations in the Bronx.

Southern Tier/Hudson Valley Farm Initiative

Helps landowners in the Southern Tier and Hudson Valley maintain and develop farming, agricultural, and related businesses.

Transformative Economic Development Projects

Includes funds to promote economic development in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Transportation Capital Plan

Provides funding for transportation infrastructure projects across the State.

Category Available
FY 2024
FY 2025
Change From
FY 2024
FY 2025
Capital Projects 0 0 0 2,046,750,000
Total 0 0 0 2,046,750,000

Comprehensive Construction Program Available
FY 2024
FY 2025
Change Reappropriations
FY 2025
New York State Special Infrastructure Account
Infrastructure Investment – Settlement Funds 0 0 0 846,750,000
Economic Development
Capital Projects Fund - Authority Bonds 0 0 0 1,200,000,000
Total 0 0 0 2,046,750,000

Note: Most recent estimates as of 01/16/2024