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The Department of Health is charged with the protection and promotion of the health of New Yorkers through prevention, science and the assurance of quality health care delivery. The Department is the principal State agency that oversees the Medicaid Program and other public health insurance programs.

The Department operates health care facilities including Helen Hayes Hospital, four veteran’s nursing homes, and the Wadsworth Laboratories. In addition, DOH conducts oversight of health professionals and all other health care facilities to ensure that high quality, cost effective, health care alternatives are provided throughout the State.

Budget Highlights

The Executive Budget recommends $128.2 billion for the Department of Health, including $121.6 billion for Medicaid and $6.6 billion for remaining health program spending. This reflects an increase of $9 billion from the FY 2014 Budget primarily reflecting the continuation of two-year appropriations for Medicaid, the expansion of Medicaid under Federal Health Care Reform, as well as anticipated funding under Federal waiver amendments.

The Executive Budget recommends a workforce of 5,213 FTEs for the Department. This is an increase of 323 FTEs from the FY 2014 budget, which is intended to provide staff to support the third year of the phased takeover of local government administration of the Medicaid program and the continued operations of the New York health benefit exchange -- New York State of Health.

Major Budget initiatives include:

  • Continuing Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) reforms. A cost neutral package of initiatives are proposed that include investments in supportive housing, community behavioral and increased payments to essential community providers. These investments are balanced with savings from targeted Medicaid integrity initiatives, greater controls on pharmaceuticals and compliance with Federal law that requires spousal support.
  • Advancing a new $1.2 billion capital program to support projects that improve financial stability and increase efficiency through greater provider collaboration.
  • Providing $65 million to continue operational support for the State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), establish a statewide electronic medical record system, and create an All Payer Claims Database. In addition, the Budget includes $7.0 million to establish 11 new Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives (RHICs), including support for the Fingerlakes Health System Agency to provide technical assistance to other regions.
  • Encouraging better linkages to health insurance coverage for uninsured women receiving prenatal care services under the General Public Health Work program.
  • Reflecting additional insurance revenues and modifying budgets for the AIDS Drugs Assistance Program (ADAP), Family Planning and Cancer Services Programs.
  • Deferring the planned FY 2015 2.0 percent cost of living increase for certain providers.
  • Shifting Child Health Plus rate setting to the Department of Health from the Department of Financial Services.

For more information on this agency's budget recommendations located in the Executive Budget Briefing Book, click on the following link:

Briefing Book – Health Care (PDF)

Category Available
Change From
State Operations 3,065,820,400 3,228,146,600 162,326,200 5,015,413,964
Aid To Localities 116,039,174,154 123,557,992,354 7,518,818,200 120,239,678,396
Capital Projects 85,600,000 1,360,600,000 1,275,000,000 624,608,000
Total 119,190,594,554 128,146,738,954 8,956,144,400 125,879,700,360

Program 2013-14
Estimated FTEs
Estimated FTEs
FTE Change
General Fund 1,090 1,090 0
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 46 46 0
Special Revenue Funds - Other 135 120 (15)
Child Health Insurance
Special Revenue Funds - Other 30 30 0
Center for Community Health
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 385 415 30
Special Revenue Funds - Other 78 78 0
Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage
Special Revenue Funds - Other 26 26 0
Center for Environmental Health
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 111 111 0
Special Revenue Funds - Other 66 66 0
Capital Projects Funds - Other 56 56 0
Health Care Financing
Special Revenue Funds - Other 19 19 0
Office of Health Insurance Programs
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 130 130 0
Office of Health Systems Management
Special Revenue Funds - Other 208 206 (2)
Institution Management
Special Revenue Funds - Other 1,510 1,510 0
Wadsworth Center for Laboratories and Research
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 69 69 0
Special Revenue Funds - Other 171 171 0
Medical Assistance Administration
General Fund 380 535 155
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 380 535 155
Total 4,890 5,213 323

Note: Most recent estimates as of 01/20/2014

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