Medicaid Inspector General, Office of the

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All amounts are in dollars
Category Available
Change From
State Operations 94,350,000 92,745,000 -1,605,000 50,610,000
Total 94,350,000 92,745,000 -1,605,000 50,610,000

Full-Time Equivalent Positions (FTE)
Program 2008-09
Estimated FTEs
Estimated FTEs
FTE Change
Medicaid Audit and Fraud Prevention
    General Fund 325 371 46
    Special Revenue Funds - Federal 341 376 35
    Special Revenue Funds - Other 13 3 -10
Welfare Inspector General Program
    General Fund 4 4 0
    Special Revenue Funds - Other 6 6 0
Total 689 760 71

Note: Most recent estimates as of 12/16/08.


The Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) was statutorily established in 2006 - as an independent entity within the Department of Health - to improve and preserve the integrity of the Medicaid program by conducting and coordinating fraud, waste and abuse control activities for all State agencies responsible for services funded by Medicaid.

In carrying out its mission, the Office conducts and supervises all prevention, detection, audit and investigation efforts and coordinates such activities with the Department of Health, and the Office of Mental Health, Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities and Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. In addition, the Medicaid Inspector General works closely with the Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud and Control Unit (MFCU) and Federal and local law enforcement agencies.

Budget Highlights

The 2009-10 Executive Budget recommends $92.8 million All Funds ($35.2 million General Fund, $57.6 million Other Funds) to support the operations of the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General. This is a decrease of $1.6 million ($0.3 million General Fund, $1.3 million Other Funds) from the 2008-09 Budget. This change reflects increased personal service costs associated with new positions offset by non-personal service efficiencies and the elimination of funding suballocated to the Department of Law.

Major budget actions include:

  • Merger with the Office of the Welfare Inspector General: The Budget recommends the merger of the Office of the Welfare Inspector General (OWIG) with OMIG, and transfers 10 positions and funding from that Office for the prevention and investigation of welfare fraud and abuse.
  • Department of Law Funding: The Budget eliminates $800,000 in funding suballocated to the Department of Law.
  • Non-Personal Service Efficiencies: The Executive Budget saves $1.8 million by reducing certain contractual service expenditures and utilizing OMIG staff to perform those functions.

2009-10 Executive Budget — Agency Presentation
Medicaid Inspector General, Office of the (PDF)