Criminal Justice Services, Division of

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All amounts are in dollars
Category Available
Change From
State Operations 119,232,000 113,979,000 -5,253,000 74,563,000
Aid To Localities 135,426,253 104,405,000 -31,021,253 188,046,224
Total 254,658,253 218,384,000 -36,274,253 262,609,224

Full-Time Equivalent Positions (FTE)
Program 2008-09
Estimated FTEs
Estimated FTEs
FTE Change
    General Fund 115 112 -3
Funding and Program Assistance
    General Fund 53 52 -1
    Special Revenue Funds - Federal 79 79 0
    Special Revenue Funds - Other 4 4 0
Operation and Systems
    General Fund 399 394 -5
    Special Revenue Funds - Federal 23 23 0
Public Safety
    General Fund 51 50 -1
    Special Revenue Funds - Other 3 3 0
Total 727 717 -10

Note: Most recent estimates as of 12/16/08.


The mission of the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is to enhance public safety and improve criminal justice. The Division measures progress toward the overall goal of reducing crime, and tracks the effectiveness of both agency and system-wide criminal justice strategies designed to increase public safety.

Budget Highlights

The Executive Budget recommends $208 million All Funds ($109 million General Fund; $99 million Other Funds) for the Division of Criminal Justice Services. This is a decrease of $46 million All Funds ($45 million General Fund; $1 million Other Funds) from the 2008-09 budget. The Executive Budget recommends a staffing level of 717 FTEs for the Division of Criminal Justice Services, a decrease of 10 from the 2008-09 Budget.

This decrease primarily reflects the continuation of cost-savings measures that was implemented in the 2008-09 fiscal year, as well as additional spending reduction measures being proposed in the Executive Budget which will ensure that the limited resources available during the course of the upcoming fiscal year are being used effectively and efficiently, without compromising the Division’s mission to enhance public safety and improve criminal justice.

Major budget actions include:

  • Criminal Justice Technology: The Division coordinates and provides information technology services for the criminal justice community. A statewide criminal justice information system, eJusticeNY, is utilized by nearly 1,700 organizations, and includes: the ability to obtain rap sheets; perform name searches; access NYS criminal history data; wanted/missing person data; and the complete NYS Sex Offender Registry. A consolidated criminal justice data center is located at DCJS and run by the Office for Technology.
  • Operation IMPACT: The Division will provide over $17 million of funding for the continued support of Operation IMPACT (Integrated Municipal Police Anti-Crime Teams). This multi-agency program supports crime-fighting strategies in 17 upstate counties and certain high-crime areas.
  • Fingerprint Identification: Funding is provided for the continued operation of the Statewide Automated Fingerprint Identification System (SAFIS) which expedites access to fingerprinting information for local police departments. Capital funding is provided elsewhere in the budget for the acquisition and development of a modern replacement system.
  • Witness Protection Program: Funding is provided for the continued operation of a witness protection program. Working cooperatively with local law enforcement officials, the Division will make funding available to protect witnesses and their families whose safety and security has been compromised as a result of their cooperation with an investigation or trial.
  • Offender Re-Entry: In addition to coordinating New York State’s multi-agency re-entry effort, the Division will provide $3.7 million to promote the successful re-entry of offenders into their communities through Local Re-Entry Task Forces that work with local governments, not-for-profit organizations and the criminal justice community.
  • Sex Offender Management: $1 million is provided for the continued operation of the Office of Sex Offender Management. Additionally, funding is provided for the continued maintenance and operation of the Sex Offender Registry.
  • Statewide Support of Law Enforcement: Funding is provided to the Division’s Office of Public Safety, which provides technical support through training and crime analysis to law enforcement agencies to help reduce crime throughout New York State.
  • Efforts to Protect Children: Funding is provided for the continued operation of the Missing and Exploited Children Clearinghouse.

2009-10 Executive Budget — Agency Presentation
Criminal Justice Services, Division of (PDF)