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All interest rate exchange agreements (or swaps) entered into by the State or its Authorized Issuers are governed by a Master Agreement, which includes the schedule (the “Schedule”) and the documents and other confirming evidence (the “Confirmation”) exchanged between the State or its Authorized Issuers and the counterparties for each transaction. For all New York State swaps, the Master Agreement executed conforms to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (“ISDA”) conventions. Generally, the Master Agreement contains the legal framework that govern each transaction and are supplemented by the Schedule to the Master Agreement, which provided added specificity to items contained in the Master Agreement. Provided below are all Schedules to the Master Agreement entered into the State or its Authorized Issuers, arrayed by Authority, bonding program, counterparty and transaction date.

Table showing NYS Swaps Information and Schedules to Master Agreements

2003 Transaction JPMorgan – February 20, 2003 (PDF)
Morgan Stanley – February 20, 2003 (PDF)
SG – February 20, 2003 (PDF)
UBS – February 20, 2003 (PDF)

2004 Transaction Goldman Sachs (2004 swap) – February 26, 2004 (PDF)

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