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Request for Proposals – Pay for Success Project in Early Childhood Development & Child Welfare, Health Care, and Public Safety

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The New York State Division of the Budget (“DOB” or “Division”) is requesting proposals from organizations that seek to partner with New York State (“The State”) on Pay for Success (PFS) contracts. The enacted 2013-2014 New York State budget authorizes the State to undertake PFS initiatives in health care, child welfare and early childhood development, and public safety and authorizes funding for this purpose totaling $30 million over the next five years. DOB will only consider applications that clearly identify both an intermediary and one or more initial service provider organizations; provided, however, that it is permissible for a single entity to propose to take on both roles or for a lead organization to propose to fulfill one of the roles and to obtain the additional capacity necessary to fulfill the other role through pre-specified consulting or subcontracting arrangements.  The State seeks to enter into one or two PFS contracts immediately and may pursue additional initiatives depending on the quality of proposed PFS projects (according to the criteria outlined in this RFP), legislative authority and the availability of funding.

The schedule for this procurement is as follows:

Project Definition Timeline
Event Date Time
RFP Release Date July 31, 2013  
Deadline for Requesting Attendance at Bidders’ Conference August 14, 2013 Noon
Bidders’ Conference August 16, 2013 Noon
Deadline for RFP Inquiries August 23, 2013 Noon
Deadline for Responses to Inquiries August 30, 2013 Noon
Deadline for Notice of Intent to Bid September 9, 2013 Noon
Deadline for Submission of Proposal September 30, 2013 Noon
Estimated End of Evaluation and Selection Process October 31, 2013  

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