Executive Chamber – After-Action Review and Related Services

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The New York State Executive Chamber is requesting proposals from qualified consultant firms, organizations, or teams of consultants/organizations (Consultant or Firm) to provide After-Action Review (AAR) and related services to the New York State Executive Chamber (Chamber). The selected Consultant/Firm shall provide AAR services to review the State’s COVID-19 response, identify what worked and what did not, and how the State could have improved its response, and provide a guide for the State to respond to any future large-scale emergencies. The Consultant/Firm’s report should serve as a guide for New York State and for other governments to use in order to respond quickly and effectively to significant emergencies, whether they are pandemics, natural disasters or other emergency conditions that create major disruptions to normal life.

Under the Procurement Lobbying Law, a restricted period is currently in effect for this Procurement and it will remain in effect until State Comptroller approval of the resulting contracts. Potential Bidders are prohibited from contact related to this procurement with any New York State employee or any representative of a New York State board or commission, other than the designated contacts identified below. All inquiries regarding this Procurement should be made, in writing, to: Contracts@budget.ny.gov.

The schedule for this procurement is as follows:

Project Definition Timeline
Date Event
July 20, 2022 Issuance of Request for Proposals
July 29, 2022 by 12:00 PM ET Consultant/Firm Inquiries Due
On or about August 3, 2022 Chamber’s Response to Consultant/Firm Inquiries
August 17, 2022 by 12:00 PM ET Proposal Submission Deadline
Week of September 5, 2022 Finalist Interviews
August – September 2022 Proposal Evaluation and Selection
On or about September 20, 2022 Announcement of Award
Early to mid-November 2022 Anticipated Contract Start Date

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Designated Contacts for this Procurement:

Designated Contacts
Contracts Officer:Michelle Heaslip
Contract Administrator:Roxanne West
Additional Contacts:Alisa Fortune

All questions regarding this RFP should be directed via e-mail to: Contracts@budget.ny.gov